Ancillae Reginae Sodality

Ceremony of Advancement in Ancillae Reginae Sodality(Handmaids of the Queen)

Ancillae Reginae Sodality, or the Handmaids of the Queen, is an organization for young ladies who are dedicated to the Blessed Virgin in a special manner. Through a life of prayer and imitation of Mary’s virtues, the sodalists are resolved to be leaders and have taken upon themselves the responsibility of setting an example of Catholic living for their school and parish. Membership begins with aspirancy as early as the sixth grade and continues throughout high school and beyond. Consequently, the Sodality is an active part of St. Michael’s and strives to better the spiritual lives of its members and others as well. Sodalists assemble several times a month to organize ideas and plan events to accomplish this goal.

Some of the activities the Sodality participates in are the Fatima Rosary procession on October 13, Christmas caroling at retirement homes, the annual Good Friday Children’s Program, and the Easter Egg Hunt. Through the fellowship found in working and praying together, the Sodality offers high school girls the opportunity to grow in virtue and perform acts of charity while enjoying each others’ company. Staying true to their motto, “Nothing in myself, everything in Mary,” the Ancillae Regina sodalists take Mary as their model, knowing that she will lead them and others to her Son.