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Wednesday, November 26, 2014  
SCHOOL THEME: “Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it" (Ps. 126)

News 'n Notes

Dates to Remember

Courage – the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty or pain without being overcome by fear

Saints to Imitate:
St. Andrew, November 30
St. Catherine of Alexandria, November 25


½ day dismiss at 12:30 for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving break, Nov. 27-28
  1st basketball game at MSM 4 p.m.
Big Thrift Store Sale
Immaculate Conception; Holy Day of Obligation
No School Dec. 8 – 12; Singing Nuns Concert
Singing Nuns Christmas Concerts, 2 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.
Singing Nuns Christmas Concerts, 2 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.
Basketball Game at 4 p.m.
Grade School Christmas Program 7 p.m.
Christmas Vacation Dec. 22 – Jan. 4
For information from the school on delays or closures due to weather, please call:
        (509) 467-0986 x 110
        OR check KXLY News 4.

 Are you a VIP?
 (Voluntarily Involved Parent)

Thank you to all the parents who volunteer at St. Michael's Academy. May God bless your efforts and contributions.  Are you aware of the year-round programs and fundraisers in which St. Michael's Academy is involved? For your reference, here is an index:
$CRIP:This is a very important and easy year-round fundraiser that doubles the dollars without spending a penny more than you already do for gas, groceries, etc. $crip can be purchased from the Parish Secretary or Accounting office during regular business hours (8-4) or after Sunday morning Masses. Click on the word SCRIP and you can see an updated Scrip Catalog. 
TAX BENEFIT: Did you hear the good news? The IRS has ruled that those who participate in the scrip program can now get a tax deduction. Here's how it works: you buy scrip and whatever rebate amount is generated from that scrip purchase can now be deducted from your taxes. Purchase a lot of scrip with high rebates and be able to have a sizeable charitable contribution at the end of the year. Please see Tim Drahman or Anne Marie Netzel for more information.
Collect from General Mills products year-round to earn cash for the school.
* A REMINDER: Box Tops do EXPIRE, please check the expiration date.  Bonus Box Tops that you get at the checkout stand also expire, so turn them in often so we have time to submit.  Also be sure to cut out the entire box top otherwise we cannot use it. If you have BONUS Points or BONUS BOX TOPS, please be sure to cut out the entire tab around the dotted line. It must show the entire value in order for it to be valid. Thank you for your attention to this detail.

INK RECYCLE PROGRAM – we collect used printer ink and toner cartridges of all makes and types. We recycle them through Staples and the school is able to earn Staples Rewards which allows us to purchase other school and office supplies.
Use our Academy ID number 70121586 every time you shop at Office Depot. 5% of your purchase goes directly to St. Michael's Academy to get free supplies.

CLICK, REGISTER and EARN: Go to: and register your shopper card number for Fred Meyer or Safeway and select your school. Each participating product purchased at Fred Meyer or Safeway earns 1 point that will be credited to our school's account for Labels for Education. The school can earn free educational merchandise for arts, athletics and academics. We would like to mention that everyone should still cut out and submit the Campbell’s UPC from the products, even if they register their shopper’s card. They can still be submitted to earn points for the Labels for Ed. program. You may drop off your Box Tops or Labels for Education in the clear plastic box located in the main hallway near the main bulletin board. Thanks!



BASKETBALL BEGINS – the first two basketball games will take place on Tuesday, December 2 at 4 p.m. and Tuesday, December 16th at 4 p.m. here at St. Michael’s in the gym.  No future dates have been set yet; we are waiting on The City of Mary and Fr. Benedict to set the schedule. Thank you to the small handful of people who showed up to clean the gym and thanks to Mr. Netzel and the Eminger’s grandmother who buffed the floor so that it can be resealed, thanks to Al Durazo for the materials and supplies. Parents can earn service hours for any and all help given for games, gym prep etc… All games will be $1.00 per person. St. Michael students are free for all games with their student ASB Card.
are available from Mrs. Netzel, grade school cards are $2.00 and 7-12 grade cards are $5.00
CALLING ALL PRINGLES CANS & LIDS – the ladies who run the host room are in need of Pringles cans for the shipping of hosts. If you buy Pringles please save any used cans, drop them off with Mrs. Netzel. Thank you.
$3 a Bag.  Bags provided at Sale. First Saturday Dec. 6th after Mass til 2pm.Help wanted for setup and clean up, great way to get student or family Goal Hours. Contact Susan Murry for more information 869-7773. Shop the sale, get jackets for the cold weather or find ideas to make costumes for the auction or other events.

TEACHER OF THE MONTH  - Home Street Bank is sponsoring a Teacher of the Month program for the Spokane area. If you would like to nominate a teacher you have to email by the end of the month the teacher’s name and a short paragraph explaining why you are nominating this teacher. The winner will receive a gift basket filled with wonderful prizes as our Thank you to that special teacher.  Email to:

ARCHERY - Beginning on November 10th, practice time will be allotted for archery in the gym from 3:30 to 4:30 on Mondays after school. In order to cover for the wear and tear on the equipment, $1 is requested for each practice. This may be paid in advance. A flat fee of $20 would cover practices for the entire year and would include, on occasion, practice shooting at our 3-D target. If there are any students who wish to take advantage of this practice time but are truly not able to afford it, please see Sr. Maria Kazimiera for arrangements to be made for alternatives to cash payments.

GRADE SCHOOL YEARBOOKS FROM LAST YEAR – are still available and are in Mrs. Netzel’s office. Some famlies reserved one and never picked it up or paid for it. So if you did not get yours or you still want one they are here, the cost is $10.00. Thank you.

SODALITY MEETINGS – the two younger Sodality groups meet every Thursday after school from 3:30 to 4:15 unless otherwise notified.

AFTER SCHOOL CHILDREN – those students who must remain at school until their parents come to get them have been going to the dining room after school to begin their homework.

ST. BEDE THE VENERABLE CLASSROOM AND ACADEMIC SERVICES: A new opportunity has begun for students who struggle in a particular subject.  Any parent who has a child averaging a "D" in any subject may choose to have their student work on a one to one basis with Mrs. Sitzenstock to overcome the difficulties the child is encountering during school hours.  Fliers are being sent home with students in grades 3 - 6.  Parents wishing to discuss this option for their child should contact Mrs. Joannie Sitzenstock at 509-821-0091 or their child's teacher.  Students in other grades may be permitted to participate in this opportunity due to availability of open time slots.

1st Saturdays-mandatory, 8-11am      Optional - 3rd Saturday, 8-11 am.
Thursdays - Practice  - 3:30 to 4:15
(2nd grade, enrolled members and up). This practice is for any enrolled member wanting to learn to serve as acolyte in both, one and two positions. These are the Knight's regular meetings & practices unless otherwise notified. Please contact Mr. Paul Scherling or Fr. Bernard for any other info.

LIBRARY: the school/parish library is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 am until 3:00 p.m. The school children visit the library regularly on Wednesdays. Parents are welcome to check out books from the library during the week or you can call Mrs. Missy Morgan at 509-467-0986 x 115 to make an appointment for another time. 
Girls jumpers and skirts can now be ordered and purchased through Dennis Uniform. St. Michael’s Uniform shop still has blouses, shirts, pants and sweaters in stock for sale. We are also pleased to tell you that the SCRIP Program offers SCRIP for Dennis Uniform in $20 certificates with a 5% rebate. Please contact Joanna Gilchrist at 828-2050 for more information. Our school code for Dennis Uniform is: ZSM032.
ST. MICHAEL'S UNIFORM SHOP: If you need to purchase new and used uniforms from our shop, please call Joanna Gilchrist at (509) 828-2050 and leave her a message. She will call you back and make a special appointment for you if you need something.  The shop also takes used uniforms in good sellable condition for store credit. Uniform Shop phone number is: (509) 465-0653. You may also place your order by leaving a message. There is a large inventory of uniforms here at St. Michael’s, but if you are looking for additional sizes or pieces to the uniform, you can now order from Dennis Uniform. Dennis Uniform is located here in Spokane and we now sell SCRIP for Dennis. Our school code for Dennis Uniform is: ZSM032.

REMINDER TO ALL – DRESS CODE – there is a dress code for the building. This dress code applies to everyone, visitors being the obvious exception. If you are a parent volunteer working or helping in the building or on the playground etc…be sure to observe the dress code: Women/girls should wear a skirt/dress and a modest top. Men and boys, no short “shorts” or tank tops. We enforce the dress code for the students, so it is appropriate that parents should follow this dress code as well.
You can print a copy of the menu from the website or there are copies available outside of the school office.  REMINDER: there is a charge if your child takes “seconds,” gets an extra milk or gets a bottle of water, even if you are approved for free or reduced hot lunch. Grades Pre-K to 3rd full pay lunch is $2.50. Grades 4th to 12th full pay lunch is $3.00. To help you budget, you may pre-pay at any time for your lunches. Please drop off a check with Mrs. Netzel or Mr. Drahman. Thank you. Lunch bills for this school year will now be mailed to your home so that you are aware of the balance at all times. Thank you for your prompt attention in paying your lunch bill.

Wellness Policy Notice: St. Michael’s Academy Wellness Policy is on file and if you want to have a copy you may pick one up in the school office.
BOX TOPS –   Thank you to all who help support this on-going fundraiser. We would like to encourage people to turn in their box tops regularly so that they can be sent in before they expire. These also often include bonus labels that have expiration dates!  If they are expired, they cannot be redeemed. Please drop them off with Mrs. Netzel. We sincerely thank everyone who is helping to make this fundraiser a success! You may drop off your Box Tops or Labels for Education in the clear plastic box located in the main hallway near the main bulletin board.


As we enter the winter months with very cold temperatures or snow on the ground, it is the school’s policy that the students must have the following in order to go outside for recess:
JACKETS,    GLOVES,    and    BOOTS (if snowing)
If they do not have a jacket, gloves, and boots (if snowing) they MAY NOT GO OUTSIDE! Students may have additional snow clothes such as hats, pants, scarf, etc…PLEASE label all articles of clothes with their name.
Students who do not have proper attire will have to sit inside the glass doors during the morning or lunch recess. We cannot have them stay in different locations in the building while the rest of the students are out in the parking lot or playground. There is only one recess monitor and she cannot be in two places at once.
Please remind the students that they should listen and obey the recess monitor, it is for their own safety. If the recess monitor indicates that they may play in the snow in the courtyard then that is where all the students will play at that time.
Student MAY NOT THROW SNOWBALLS at each other. This applies before, during and after school hours. No sleds of any kind are allowed.
Student will play outside when the temperature is above 20 degrees unless the wind chill factor makes it too cold. When the temperature is less than 20 degrees, students will not play outside.
If there is a delay or closure due to weather, please call the following number:
(509) 467-0986 x 110 to obtain information from the school
Information may also be obtained from KXLY News 4
If you have any questions or concerns please contact the school office.
Thank you and God bless you.
In keeping with the school uniform they may wear
any of the following in the building:
Please remember that the heat in this building is only on for short periods during the day. If your child is cold during the day in the building, here is a list of items that they can wear to help.
DARK NAVY/BLUE or BLACK jacket (NO LOGOS or HOODS) may be worn in the building anytime.
Long-sleeved, white turtle neck or t-shirt under their blouse or shirt
Under-Armour that is white, black or navy blue
Leggings or tights that are navy or black
Thermals or long underwear as long as they do not hang out of the uniform unless they are black or navy.
Scarf & small gloves as long as they are black or blue 
(But may be worn outside)
Gray, pink, green, orange, purple or any other color of jacket
No Logos on jackets
No Hoodies and jackets with hoods
No Boots – you can wear the boots into the building, but once at the classroom they must change into their school shoes. 
All of the above applies to the entire Academy, grades K-12. Thank you for your cooperation.
Also, please remind your child that if they get to hot in the building – DO NOT OPEN THE WINDOWS, just have the teacher open the door.
We know that it is cold in the building; but as Catholics we try and make sacrifices and offer it up to save sinners and the poor souls in purgatory. Please encourage your children to make a sacrifice and not to complain about the cold.


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