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Wednesday, May 28, 2014  
SCHOOL THEME: “For those who love God, ALL things work together unto GOOD.” (Romans 8:28)                                               

News 'n Notes

Dates to Remember




   Registration Camp Archangel due
   Ascension Thursday; No School; Holy Day
   No School; taking an unused snow day
   Deadline for early bird for Camp St. Philomena



Blood Drive 8:45 to 11:00 a.m.  
Archery Tournament
Last day of school; Pre-K & Kindergarten graduation; awards
Confirmation at 6:00 P.M.
High School Graduation at 12:30 p.m. 
School Registration Deadline
Camp Archangel begins
Sisters Vow Ceremony at 8:00 a.m.
Report Cards Mailed



registration packets were handed out and I hope you have all had a chance to look it over. We will be having a contest for those who turn in their COMPLETED PACKETS (that means all paperwork, fees paid and completed) on or before the June 16th deadline. We hope that everyone will take advantage of this contest. If your packet is received by the deadline your name will go in for a drawing to win your choice of the following: 5 free parent hours OR $50.00 cash. Any questions please see Mrs. Netzel or Mr. Drahman.
very important for all of you who receive the Wed. Folder via email to be aware of the following information. You will be receiving a separate email within the coming weeks inviting you to join the email list for the Wed Folder. PLEASE, you must click on the link in the email and verify or confirm your subscription to the Wed Folder. If you do not do this you will not be able to receive the Wed Folder anymore. If you have any questions, please contact me at 509-467-0986 x100.
on Thursday, May 29th for Ascension Thursday, it is a Holy Day of Obligation and since we did not use all our snow days, we are taking Friday, May 30th off as well for a nice 4 day weekend.
early bird deadline is today, May 28th. Hopefully you have seen the flyer and registration form sent home with your children and the flyers up around the building. We are having the first annual Camp Archangel Day Camp for girls and boys ages 7-12 here at Mt. St. Michael; a Catholic Day camp where your children will be with other children from the school and parish in a fun, supervised environment. It will offer outdoor games, arts and crafts, music; students will bring their own lunch. If you are interested, please contact John Netzel at 953-0816 for more information and questions. Large families are encouraged to call John to discuss options. Older students if you are interested in helping as camp counselors, please contact Mr. Netzel.
on Wednesday, June 4th there will be an end-of-the year Archery Tournament in the gym. Grades 4-6 are required to participate, beginning at 2:00 p.m.; grades 7-12 are optional. Spectators are asked to make a donation for an entrance fee. There is a $2 fee for those who wish to have tournament scoring and a chance to win prizes. First come, first serve for which flight your student will shoot, 3:00, 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. Please see Sr. Maria Kazimiera for information and details. Flyers were sent home with your students and extra ones are available on the homework bin inside the glass doors.
flyers were sent home with students for a Smoked Sausage, Meat Sticks and Jerky Fundraising. This fundraiser will help the Archery Program and all orders should be turned in by Wed. June 4th. $5.00 Coffee shop gift card will be given to the family who brings in the most orders. Extra fundraising catalogs are available on top of the homework bin just inside the glass doors. Please see Sr. Maria Kazimiera for information and details.
Please don’t forget to turn in your reservation for the last of day school lunch. We need an accurate head count so that we can have enough food. Mass will be at 8:30, Pre-K and Kindergarten graduation begin at 10:00 followed by school awards lunch and dismiss for the summer. Hope you can all plan to attend.
students please remember to turn in your GOAL hours slips to Mrs. Netzel as soon as possible. All GOAL hours for this school year must be complete by May 31st. Please see Mrs. Netzel if you have any questions or concerns. Reminders that report cards, transcripts, and school records cannot be released until all hours are complete. Registration for next year will be held due to incomplete GOAL hours, parent hours, debts, fine, fees, unpaid lunch bills, Scrip etc…Thank you.
Parents with Kindergartners for next year, please give the name and birthdate of your child to Mrs. Netzel 467-0986 x100. They must be 5 years of age by August 31. For Pre-School, please submit name and birthdate to Mrs. Netzel, preschoolers must be at least 4 years old and potty trained. All registration packets will be given to parents of enrolled students and new kindergartners before the end of May.

FREE SUMMER MEALS AND SNACKS – program for kids and teens 18 years and under. Sites are located at places such as schools, parks and community centers. To find the location and time for summer meals sites nearest you, call the family food hotline at 1-888-4-food-wa (1-888-436-6392 or visit to find your summer meals online.

CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION – if you are interested in being on the extended centennial committee or would like to help in anyway, please leave your name and number with Mrs. Netzel.

DAIRY TUB DRIVE! Terracycle's Dairy Tub Brigade is offering a promotional bonus to the top five Dairy Tub collectors between NOW and June 16th. Our goal is to collect and ship 10 lbs. worth of dairy tub packaging each week until then. Please set aside your cream cheese, butter, ice-cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, cool whip and pudding containers, including the foil lids and plastic seals; rinse them, stack them, and put them in the collection box outside of the dining room. THANK YOU! All proceeds will go toward the purchase of PE equipment.

1st Saturdays-mandatory, 8-11am
3rd Saturday, 8-11 am.
Tuesdays - Advanced Practice (6th Grade and up). This practice is for Knights interested in learning the more advanced positions. Currently, we ONLY have a few 6th graders attending.
Thursdays - Practice (2nd grade, enrolled members and up). This practice is for any enrolled member wanting to learn to serve as acolyte in both, one and two positions. 
These are the Knight's regular meetings & practices unless otherwise notified. Please contact Mr. P. Scherling or Fr. Bernard for any other info.

BOYS CHOIR PRACTICE  - is the 2nd and last Monday of each month in Room 300 after school. Next practice will be Monday, May 12th.
Girls jumpers and skirts can now be ordered and purchased through Dennis Uniform. St. Michael’s Uniform shop still has blouses, shirts, pants and sweaters in stock for sale. We are also pleased to tell you that the SCRIP Program offers SCRIP for Dennis Uniform in $20 certificates with a 5% rebate. Please contact Joanna Gilchrist at 828-2050 for more information.
the finished and edited DVD from our November musical, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is now available. The cost is $10 per copy. The DVD is a great keepsake and memory for years to come. We also have The Sound of Music and The Wizard of OZ available as well. If you purchase more than one DVD there is a discount; $10 for one, $18 for two and $25 for three copies. Please see Mrs. Netzel to get your copy while supplies last. Proceeds benefit the Drama program. Thank you for your support.

SODALITY MEETINGS – the two younger Sodality groups meet every Monday after school unless otherwise notified.

Members Contact Information:
Cyr, Rosie          
Drahman, Theresa or 509.467.2525
Fr. Casimir         
Heaton, Chad      
Lentes, Rachael  
Phelps, Ted         or 208.806.0760
Sr. Marie Vianney or 509.462.4335
South, Suzie        or 509-570-4705
Rev. Mother        
Notes from Parent Advisory Committee Meeting
 April 8, 2014 & May 5, 2014 Meetings

Possibility of sending an end of the year survey to all the parents of the academy as a means of receiving “feedback” from parents as an aid to the administration in planning for the new school year.
Update: a letter from the Administration is forthcoming regarding its final decision of its affiliation with little Mountain Christian League
Results of the timed homework surveys: Consistent with each class were a few students taking an unusually long time while there were a few students at the other end completing homework very quickly. Most were found in the middle range.Brainstorming:
Possibly having child tested for learning disability.
Having child tutored on the side
Possibility of finding a special education teacher to assist struggling students. There seems to be a growing need for this.
Pennies for Patients sponsored by the National Honor Society.
Need for someone to work with the centennial committee representing the academy. Rachael Lentes volunteered.
DEX on line phone book video to be filmed at school on May 5.
Discussed time and order of St. Joseph the Worker Day walk and Mass.
We are again doing the May flowers by family. If you don’t know your day, Mrs. Netzel will be glad to help you.
End of the Year survey will be mailed out to the parents with a return envelope to hopefully insure a response. The survey will be a means of receiving “feedback” from the parents as an aid to the administration in planning for the next school year. Parents are encouraged to fill it out and return it by the due date. Please include possible solutions with your concerns.
DEX videoing took place on May 5th. They filmed the students doing different activities and interviewed some faculty members as well as parents. The 60 second video will be sent for our approval and review. It will then be made available for our website, etc.
Pennies for Patients sponsored by the National Honor Society raised $750. The sixth grade class brought in the most money.
A concern was brought up regarding little black biting flies that can carry lime disease. Teachers will be made aware of this, especially for Field Day and any other outdoor activities.
Discussion on possible changes in the uniform. Reverend Mother will check with the other CMRI schools as to the feasibility of making these changes.
Discussion on ways to help the school secretary, especially in the morning taking care of tardy and absent students.
If you need to purchase new and used uniforms from our shop, please call Joanna Gilchrist at (509) 828-2050 and leave her a message. She will call you back and make a special appointment for you if you need something.  The shop also takes used uniforms in good sellable condition for store credit. Uniform Shop phone number is: (509) 465-0653. You may also place your order by leaving a message. There is a large inventory of uniforms here at St. Michael’s, but if you are looking for additional sizes or pieces to the uniform, you can now order from Dennis Uniform. Dennis Uniform is located here in Spokane and we now sell SCRIP for Dennis.
there is a dress code for the building. This dress code applies to everyone, visitors being the obvious exception. If you are a parent volunteer working or helping in the building or on the playground etc…be sure to observe the dress code: Women/girls should wear a skirt/dress and a modest top. Men and boys, no short “shorts” or tank tops. We enforce the dress code for the students, so it is appropriate that parents should follow this dress code as well.
You can print a copy of the menu from the website or there are copies available outside of the school office.  REMINDER: there is a charge if your child takes “seconds,” gets an extra milk or gets a bottle of water, even if you are approved for free or reduced hot lunch. Grades Pre-K to 3rd full pay lunch is $2.50. Grades 4th to 12th full pay lunch is $3.00. To help you budget, you may pre-pay at any time for your lunches. Please drop off a check with Mrs. Netzel or Mr. Drahman. Thank you. Lunch bills for this school year will now be mailed to your home so that you are aware of the balance at all times. Thank you for your prompt attention in paying your lunch bill.

BOX TOPS –  Thank you to all who help support this on-going fundraiser.
We would like to encourage people to turn in their box tops regularly so that they can be sent in before they expire. These also often include bonus labels that have expiration dates!  If they are expired, they cannot be redeemed. Please drop them off with Mrs. Netzel. We sincerely thank everyone who is helping to make this fundraiser a success! You may drop off your Box Tops or Labels for Education in the clear plastic box located in the main hallway near the main bulletin board.
A REMINDER: Box Tops do EXPIRE, please check the expiration date.  Bonus Box Tops that you get at the checkout stand also expire, so turn them in often so we have time to submit.  Also be sure to cut out the entire box top otherwise we cannot use it. If you have BONUS Points or BONUS BOX TOPS, please be sure to cut out the entire tab around the dotted line. It must show the entire value in order for it to be valid. Thank you for your attention to this detail.
Go to: and register your shopper card number for Fred Meyer or Safeway and select your school. Each participating product purchased at Fred Meyer or Safeway earns 1 point that will be credited to our school's account for Labels for Education. The school can earn free educational merchandise for arts, athletics and academics. We would like to mention that everyone should still cut out and submit the Campbell’s UPC from the products, even if they register their shopper’s card. They can still be submitted to earn points for the Labels for Ed. program. Thanks!
Are you a VIP? (Voluntarily Involved Parent)

Thank you to all the parents who volunteer at St. Michael's Academy. May God bless your efforts and contributions.  Are you aware of the year-round programs and fundraisers in which St. Michael's Academy is involved? For your reference, here is an index:
$CRIP: This is a very important and easy year-round fundraiser that doubles the dollars without spending a penny more than you already do for gas, groceries, etc. $crip can be purchased from the Parish Secretary or Accounting office during regular business hours (8-4) or after Sunday morning Masses. Click on the word SCRIP and you can see an updated Scrip Catalog. 
TAX BENEFIT: Did you hear the good news? The IRS has ruled that those who participate in the scrip program can now get a tax deduction. Here's how it works: you buy scrip and whatever rebate amount is generated from that scrip purchase can now be deducted from your taxes. Purchase a lot of scrip with high rebates and be able to have a sizeable charitable contribution at the end of the year. Please see Tim Drahman or Anne Marie Netzel for more information.
Collect from General Mills products year-round to earn cash for the school.  
INK RECYCLE PROGRAM – we collect used printer ink and toner cartridges of all makes and types. We recycle them through Staples and the school is able to earn Staples Rewards which allows us to purchase other school and office supplies.
Use our Academy ID number 70121586 every time you shop at Office Depot. 5% of your purchase goes directly to St. Michael's Academy to get free supplies.

Are you a VIP? (Voluntarily Involved Parent)