In loving memory: Patrick Anthony Schindler


Born the eighth child of Jim and Lynn Schindler, Patrick Anthony Schindler came into this world on October 16, 1978. His bright smile was golden and the twinkle in his eye cheered all who saw it.

Patrick attended St. Michael’s Academy for 12 years. In his free time he was with his friends or working. He was also a member of different organizations in and out of school. Yet the most important thing in this teenager’s life was to be a Knight of  the Altar. He cared so much about serving God’s Holy Mass, that he begged the parish priest his sophomore year to be sacristan of the church so he could be closer to God. Impressed by such great zeal in a teenager, the parish priest said yes. So Pat started a new school year as the youngest sacristan in the history of St. Michael’s Church. Yet being a sacristan did not cause Patrick to stick out like a sore thumb. On the contrary, Patrick was looked up to by everyone in the school.

Though Patrick looked like an ordinary teenager on the outside, he had something special about him on the inside. His soul had such angelic innocence that God called him to Himself his senior year on October 25, 1995. He was only seventeen years old.

When his body arrived at the church, the students gathered at the front doors to meet their friend and mentor for the last time. People from all over came to pay their respect to the teenager who made a difference in their lives. The students kept all day and all night vigil for their beloved friend. They did not want him to be alone. More than 750 people attend the rosary held in his honor and over 950 people attended the funeral. His senior class served as his pallbearers.

Many years have passed since the day that Patrick entered his Eternal Commencement and still the sounds of his laughter echoes through the halls of the school that he loved dearly. Patrick Schindler, friend, mentor, and comforter will always be remembered in our hearts. His story will be told to those who come to St. Michael’s Academy in the future, and his name will never be forgotten.

May you sing God’s praise forever and ever!!!

From the Family:

To our Little Altar Boy, who brought such great joy into our lives,

Please protect the family and keep us strong in our faith no matter where we go in life. May Our Lady hold you in her arms until we meet again.

From the students of St. Michael’s Academy:

Thanks, Pat, for teaching us so much about life, and especially the value of our Catholic Faith. We will always treasure the lessons you taught us. Most of all, we will always remember you —’ your cheerful smile, your friendly sarcasm and your straightforward honesty, the kind things you did that we took so much for granted. We love you and miss you more than we can say. You will always be our friend, and now that you know our trials and needs more than ever, watch over us that the future students of this Academy as we journey though life. Help us always to strong in the Faith.