Dominic Nardecchia was only in the 3rd grade when God called him to Himself.In Memory of Our Littlest Angel: Dominic Joseph Nardecchia


Dominic was only in the third grade when God called him to Himself, July 7, 1991. He was born of Mr. Fred Nardecchia and Marianne Nardecchia on December 10th, 1981.

Dominic was a student of St. Michael’s Academy since Kindergarten. His fellow students and teachers will always remember him as the “little angel with the perpetual smile.” Dominic possessed a generous giving nature which won the hearts of all who knew him.

Even at a young age, Dominic enjoyed activities such as playing baseball, the piano and taking swimming lessons. He wanted to succeed in his academics as his older brothers and sisters had done. Dominic was fond of his patron saint, St. Dominic Savio. He often imitated St. Dominic’s generosity and kindness toward his fellow students. Like St. Dominic Savio, who died at a young age, Dominic Nardecchia departed this life also at a tender age.

Dominic will always be remembered at St. Michael’s Academy as a prime example for our young people.