Only those children will be admitted to kindergarten who have reached their fifth birthday by August 31st, and to the first grade who have reached their sixth birthday by the same date.

Any students admitted will be expected to observe the following conditions:

  • That they participate in all religion classes, fulfilling all required work.
  • That they follow the school schedule, including Holy Mass and other religious functions.

St. Michael’s Academy is not a school for all students. The principal will interview parents seeking enrollment for their children and students in 7-12 grade.

Any student seeking admission to St. Michael’s Academy may be required to take a placement test.

Children qualified for special education in any category, including learning disabilities, speech and/or language impairments, mental illness/retardation, behavior disorder, visual/hearing/physical and/or other health impairments, will be admitted only at the discretion of the administration. At any time the administration may revoke admittance for students considered inappropriate for the setting.

Furthermore, children who are experiencing difficulty in learning will be admitted on probation; parents will be expected to cooperate in remedying the difficulty according to the Academy’s policy and at the direction of the administration. If the requirements are not fulfilled, the child will be dismissed.

Children already admitted who are experiencing difficulty in learning will also be subject to the above probation and/or dismissal.

Please contact us for more information if you would like to enroll your child at St. Michael’s Academy.